Ten Best Credit Unions of 2022

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Before we know the ten best credit unions of 2022, we first need to understand what a credit union is. A credit union is a member-owned financial cooperative controlled and operated on non-profit aspects.

Blue Federal Credit Union

Blue federals union’s banking covers virtually all types of accounts or loans required while paying above-average rates and charges zero or minimal fees.

Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union

Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union gives to open the door to everyone, as they provide a wide choice of checking accounts, which includes high-yield options anywhere.

Alliant Credit Union

Alliant credit union offers higher interest rates because of its fewer branches. It allows you to earn nine times the national savings account average.

Hiway Credit Union

Hiway Credit Union is a fully-serviced union that gives online every type of bank account, credit card, loan, etc. It has fantastic rates on certificates of deposits.

Service Credit Union

Service Credit Union offers the best bonus rates for military individuals, veterans, and family members. It has a free no-minimum checking account that pays interest; low minimum deposits on CDs with competitive rates.

First Tech Federal Credit Union

First Tech Federal Credit Union offers a high-paying account that is also great for kids, and it pays one of the highest national rates on saving funds for minors, high-yield checking, a top-paying HAS, and low-interest credit cards.

Quorum Federal Credit Union

It’s simple to join this union, and it provides access to more than 90,000 fee-free ATMs countrywide.

Bethpage Federal Credit Union

Bethpage Federal Credit Union provides a free checking account with the option to accrue interest as well as a mobile app that enables users to create budgets and browse for the transaction.

Connexus Credit Union (tie)

Connexus Credit Union does not charge monthly maintenance costs, and there are no minimum deposit requirements to start accounts.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union

Pentagon Federal Credit Union offers its members above-average returns on the credit union’s Premium Online Savings Account, as well as minimal minimum balance and deposit restrictions.

Above are the ten best credit unions of 2022; however, some unions might not have made it to this list. There are many other unions that you could check out.

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