How To Use Instagram’s Enhanced Tags In Reels

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Want to understand how to use tags in reels? Want to grow your account?

This article will introduce you to the latest trends and how to make your reels reach far and wide using Instagram’s enhanced tagging feature.

For example, people will be able to see who is the photographer and who is in the frame(Model), who is the make-up artist, etc.

How to use Instagram enhanced tagging on Reels

Understanding this feature is helpful for you because as long as you have an updated category, Instagram will know if you’re a health coach or influencer users should follow.

Strategies for #2022Reels- Instagram has changed its game

Instagram has changed its rules. Instagram no longer recommends you to use 25-30 hashtags on any posts.

It no longer gives you any exposure or growth. They prefer to use 5-8 hashtags. That clears a crucial thing:

  • They want people to be specific while using hashtags for the content they are creating.
  • They can use the algorithm to place the content perfectly and compartmentalize itto pop it up right in front of the users.

Use a targeted niche

If you are posting about Pizza or burgers, don’t use #fitness.

Be specific with Hashtags and niches. This will affect the algorithm for people to find the concept.

Be searchable

Quality content will make a difference in growth and engagement. 

When you click on the reels section, you see a massive range of content, even from people you don’t follow.

Here, Instagram helps you and suggests people or accounts you may like.


How and where to find the right Hashtag?

To find a good hashtag, you don’t have to go anywhere else; Instagram itself is helping you. Here are the steps to search for them:

  • Go to explore the page.
  • Click on search.
  • Click on tags.
  • Search according to your post or reels.

How to start implementing it?

You can start using hashtags with your Reels and posts. But, there are many categories within that too:

  1. King Hashtags- very popular
  2. Queen hashtags- less popular
  3. Soldier hashtags- local ones


Understanding simple strategies for using hashtags will help you with growth and exposure on platforms like Instagram.

Remember, a hashtag is that piece of the pie that, when not added, makes your post incomplete!

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