Download Google Camera for Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro

Download Google Camera for Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro
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Your Xiaomi MI 11 Pro can install the latest works of Gcam (like the latest is Gcam 8.1), consider yourself lucky. . So, what is precisely the reason you should have a Gcam? Gcam is an application developed by Google for Android users, which gives you more choices. Let’s look at the options we get when we download a Gcam:

• Slow-motion video capturing
• Front portrait
• Night sight portrait mode
• HDR+ enhanced
• focus effect
• Astrophotography for low light images
• By default, DND during video recording.


It is a lot. Let’s look more into it. So, how do we download Gcam in Mi 11 pro?

  1. Download Gcam APK file (an APK file is a file format for android users, it helps us install apps on our android phones).
  2. Check if your MI 11 pro has camera2API enabled. If not, please have it enabled. (Camera2 API is the newest Android camera framework).
  3. Choose the google camera you find apt for your MI 11 pro like Gcam 8.1, then install it.
  4. When done, open the Gcam APK file in file manager without a config file. If you are satisfied with the quality, do not download the config file.But if not, step forward to downloading a config file (a config file will be used to arrange settings of a program).
  5. Now, open the file manager app in your MI pro 11. You will find APK and Config files there. Now click on the APK file to download, then open it.
  6. Open the Camera and give permissions for the usage of Gcam. Now Gcam is ready.
  7. If you want more reasonable options, go to File Manager, create a new folder, make two subfolder configs and configs7. Copy and paste the config file in both the subfolders. To load a config, go back to Camera and click on the dark area beside the capture trigger. Choose config file menu pops up, then select the config file (if you have more than 1).
  8. Now, the Gcam you have downloaded will restart with a better setting. But if you want to have the previous setting again without the config file, download the APK file again.
  9. Whichever you choose is up to you. Congrats! You have successfully installed a Gcam. You can go forward now with the finest camera quality.


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